K+5: Katrina 5 Years Later

Joe's New Orleans Cityscape

5 years ago today, New Orleans was sacked by one of the most deadly and certainly the most costly natural disaster to ever hit the United States. I was living in New Orleans and lived to tell the story. I remember back to those days…it wasn’t easy. I don’t pretend to make light of what happened. Here’s some excerpts from what I how I was feeling back then:

I am powerless, and God is powerful. I am right: there is nothing I can do. But I pray that Christ’s power will rest on me and his grace will be sufficient for me. I want to delight in this, although it is extremely difficult to at this point–my hardships are overwhelming me as the floodwaters are the levees in New Orleans, but through that I want to be weak, so I may be strong, so I can then pass that grace onto others. This is my portion. This is my strength.

A few weeks later, I wrote this:

The answer I got from God was a reminder of his sovereignty. The more I thought on that, the more at peace I felt, and the more surety I had that everything is going to work out for his purposes. Through all this, I’ve been incredibly blessed beyond measure. My heart is overflowing with gratitude to so many people. The Lord does things for his glory. Sometimes, that’s a hard pill to swallow, but I will. And this time, I want to bless his name. My allegiance is with God, and if it means suffering loss, then I accept it. When it comes down to it, the answer to all my questions is simply this: God.

Most of my shots from my New Orleans gallery where from around this time. My friend Joe Kennedy was present on many of these photo-taking adventures to the French Quarter or in and around New Orleans. He’s done a fabulous job on his blog recounting the last few years.

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