AMD’s “Trinity” APU

I walked into a TigerDirect/CompUSA store the other day, asking for a souped up laptop akin to an ultrabook…  I wasn’t all that serious about  buying one. It was more of a curiosity than anything. They had some nice machines, no doubt, but nothing that was comparable to the boat anchor I currently have, namely a modded HP EliteBook 8440p.

In any case, this news was refreshing: an inexpensive, quadcore APU from AMD. I’ve generally gravitate to AMD products for desktops. I’ve built some monster gaming rigs, media PC’s and other sorts of computers based on AMD processors over the years. I’ve never owned an AMD based laptop or portable device though. If AMD could truly offer a price and performance advantage with this new series of chips, a lighter, high performance laptop might be in my future.

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