Microsoft Launches a Tablet Called “Surface”


Microsoft announced a tablet called “Surface” to compete with the iPad. It looks good and the target hardware is pretty impressive for tablet based computers. They are even planning an Intel based pad for their “pro” line that is going to run Windows 8.

But I’m a little skeptical — Microsoft’s success in the hardware arena has been less than impressive, such as the Zune and Kin. The notable exception is the Xbox. That, and Microsoft’s initial foray into the tablet market 12 years ago with the XP based Tablet PC was less than stellar. I owned one (A Motion 1300m) , and loved it. It was light-years  beyond anything else on the market at the time. But it wasn’t until Apple launched the iPad that tablet became a real commodity. And now, an estimated 31 million Americans are using tablets. Will it catch on? That’s anyone’s guess. Gartner seems to think it will…

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