Loving and Hating Cloud Computing

I was reading an article today, talking about Steve Wozniak’s resistance to cloud computing. For a number of the same reasons he gives, I was generally resistant to cloud computing – and I still am. Some of these reasons are the lack of control over the storage location, the requirement of the Internet to access data, and he requirement of the Internet to use apps to manipulate that data, so for the longest time. I resisted, but times changed and so did I.  I now use cloud services every day for practically everything I do. Here’s a few of the services that I use….

  • SkyDrive — SkyDrive allows you to store just about any sort of file on the Internet and Microsoft has apps to sync these files across multiple devices such as iPhones, Macs, and PC’s. This provides a convenient way to access data from just about anywhere. There are other services that do the same thing and I really don’t have a good reason to prefer SkyDrive—it’s just what I landed on first.
  • Google Contacts – I kept a spreadsheet for the longest time, but it became apparent to me that this wouldn’t work when I started to use more than just a single mail application on one computer. So I migrated everything to Google Contacts and now use it online and across all my devices.
  • Google Calendar – I was never good at keeping a Calendar – mainly because I never had it with me. But now with a smartphone, I don’t have that excuse. I now use it to sync all my devices to the same calendar. I’m not terribly organized, but this does help to some degree.
  • Bitbucket – Bitbucket is a free code hosting services that provides “git” repositories. This provides a convenient way to sync code and manage code changes across multiple development computers, especially when I working away from a LAN.
  • IMAP service – Web-based email is probably the notable exception to my resistance to cloud computing. My email of choice was Yahoo mail and I could check all my email from a single sign on because Yahoo would hook up to other POP3 mailboxes – a nice convenient feature. I outgrew Yahoo mail though, so I migrated all my mail to an IMAP based service and started using IMAP clients across all my devices–and eventually started using it on the go.

So I have a love-hate relationship with the cloud, I like the convenience of the cloud, but I still don’t trust it 100%. Even if I did, I will still keep local backups of everything I store in the cloud so that my data isn’t held for ransom.

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