Silverlight Uninstaller for Mac

Microsoft Silverlight
Microsoft Silverlight

One nice feature on Windows is a centralized location for removing software from the computer. This is nonexistent on a Mac, and many apps on Macs don’t include uninstallers — including Silverlight. If the installation gets messed up or you want to downgrade for whatever reason, removing Silverlight on the Mac can be a chore. As a Silverlight developer, I’m constantly having to do this, so I wrote a little utility to make the process as seamless as possible.

Download Silverlight Uninstaller for Mac

I’ve tested this utility many times, but please use it with caution. I assume no responsibility for what this utility may do to your computer. This software is released under the GPL v2. By using it, you agree to abide by the terms described in the license.


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  1. Blaize, you might make it a dmg by using the disk utility instead of the zip format. One of the many steps needed in mac software design is to have a way to clean the application off without using the app cleaners which may or may not work correctly.

  2. Yeah…Fortunately, this little app is “self contained” in that it doesn’t drop any sort of receipt file on the computer. Simply dragging it to the trash will remove it from the computer. This is (ideally) what Apple would like all apps on the computer to be, but Silverlight installs little things everywhere because it is a browser plug-in.

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