Mastering PHP Course Available Online

winnowI’ve completed my Mastering PHP course on Wintellect NOW. If you’re interested in learning how to write code for the Web, then PHP is your language!

  1. Introduction to PHP — PHP is a server-side scripting language that drives popular Web sites such as Facebook, WikiPedia, and Flickr. It also powers a lot of well-known applications, including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. In Part 1 of this video series, you’ll learn the basics of PHP and even learn how to use it to build simple REST services.
  2. Common PHP API’s — In Part 2 of his series on PHP, Blaize goes deeper into the platform by introducing common PHP APIs, including file APIs, graphics APIs, and encryption APIs.
  3. Data Access with PHP — Data access is foundational to any application. The third video in our Mastering PHP series teaches you how to incorporate a variety of popular data formats such as JSON, XML, and databases into your PHP applications.
  4. PHP Design Patterns — Design patterns can make the difference between ugly code and a coding masterpiece. Ready to take your PHP code to the next level in terms of elegance and maintainability? Then sink your teeth into our 2-part mini-series on PHP design patterns. Part 1 covers creational and structural patterns in PHP.
  5. More PHP Design Patterns — Part 2 in our design-patterns mini-series picks up where Part 1 left off by introducing additional patterns, including the command pattern and the ever-popular and useful observer pattern. Yes, software can be beautiful!
  6. Web Services with PHP — PHP is more than just a platform for creating blogs; you can use it to create Web services, too! Learn how from this newest installment in Blaize’s master class on PHP.
  7. Architecting PHP Applications — With great tools such as the Smarty Template Engine and CakePHP to help facilitate good architecture, you’ll be on your way to writing elegant, maintainable code in PHP in no time. Learn how to use these tools today!

If you’d like introductory complimentary access to these videos and many more on Wintellect NOW, contact me.

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