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I'm Selling eBooks Direct Now!

August 26, 2021 | By: Blaize

Since I started selling books about a year ago, I have mostly sold through Amazon. Amazon is a great platform. You can get wide reach lots of new readers through the platform, and that’s great. As a writer, one thing that I think makes the experience even better than have people read my work is connecting with people that read my work in some way. To improve this experience, I am trying to create multiple channels to do this.

I will probably be announcing more of these in the coming weeks, but the first one that I have now is my new website, I have previously used my website as a blog for more technical content, but I blog and maintain a technical presence other places. I am using my site now as a place to blog about writing, but importantly, I am selling eBooks directly through the site.

Shadow of the Demon and Enemy of My Enemy are both available for $2.50, less than I am selling them for on Amazon.

eBook directly from me!

eBook directly from me!

Stay tuned for new announcements. I think some of it will be exciting for sure…

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