The Paladin Chronicles (page 31)

Enemy of My Enemy

It’s not possible!

He’s not a demon!

Or is he?

Enemy of My Enemy Cover

The past haunts Camon’s dreams. Visions show Ratana, the woman he saved from the demon years ago, in pain, and they inflict hellish agony on Camon himself. He can’t get the dreams out of his head, so Camon embarks on a journey to the remote reaches of a frozen world to find her and her son, Mahn. When he finds them, Camon discovers that perhaps the demon lives on in Mahn, but not merely as a demon, rather something much worse. Camon must now find a way to help them, but these are the least of his concerns when the boy’s existence is discovered by the Inquisitors, who will stop at nothing to destroy him—and all those who aid him…

Shadow of the Demon

A demon attacks a village,

and that was the end of it…

 or so they thought.

Slaying the demon was the easy part—understanding why the demon was sent and the reason for its target, though, is something else entirely. Camon and Achara embark on a search for answers. Their journey takes them to the only place in the known world where they can find such answers, and they are met with perilous challenges all along the way, all while a relentless evil pursues them. What they discover there has the potential to drag the world into a destructive war, but what they also learn is that stopping it may cost them everything, even their own lives…

Shadow of the Demon is Book 1 in the on going series, The Paladin Chronicles. You can purchase Shadow of the Demon online.

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