About Blaize

Microsoft MVP, MCT, Partner Cloud Solutions Architect, and International Speaker


  • Blockchain Technology with Ethereum, Solidity, Truffle, and Azure
  • Containers and Docker Technologies on premise or in the cloud on Azure, AWS, or Google Compute.
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Design Patterns, Application Architecture, Service Oriented Architecture, Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, and Web Services.
  • .NET Platform, PHP, NodeJS, and Python
  • Browser Based Technologies: HTML5, Javascript and hybrid HTML5 applications.
  • Operating Systems: Windows Clients and Servers, Linux Clients and Servers, OS X, Android, iOS
  • Web Servers: Apache, NGINX, IIS, Express, Lighttpd, and many others
  • Databases: MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle, SQLite, FoxPro, MongoDB
  • Virtualization: VMWare vSphere, ESXi, Workstation, and Player, VirtualBox, Linux VPS


  • IT Consulting: Diagnosing problems and understanding needs, then recommending solutions for customers in a wide range of technologies.
  • Development Instruction: Developing course content on mobile applications, various topics web development including Azure, Docker, PHP, and Linux for Wintellect NOW, for corporate training, peer training, and career training.
  • Architecture: Developed and employed web services around SOA and employed architectural patterns across multiple apps spanning numerous business units and multiple paradigms including on premise, cloud, and hybrid architectures.
  • Web/Desktop application developer: Freelance and corporate development experience for over 20 years.
  • Network Administration: Evaluated, designed, deployed and administered networks for small businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions.


  • B.S. Computer Science, M.Div. with a focus in Philosophy
  • Numerous Certification on MS Azure, AWS, Docker, and other cloud technologies.


Blaize is available for training and consulting through Wintellect.

See Blaize’s full LinkedIn Profile.

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