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A doomsday prophecy fortells the end,

but nobody had any idea it would begin like this…

Life has moved on since the Inquisitor War. Vinuk has left home to join the Imperial military, and Mahn and Tolkuva are expecting their first-born child. Things could not be more ordinary, but something interrupts their new normal one cold, rainy night. While Vinuk is staying in a village, he gets in a scuffle. Some locals almost beat the boy to death, but a mysterious figure intervenes. Vinuk wakes up far away from where he wants to be. But more than that, he learns that something about Mahn and Tolkuva's child has sent a troubling ripple through the fabric of magic, signaling a doomsday prophecy. And Vinuk's rescue was no mere coincidence: he holds the keys to getting to them—before someone else who might harm them does…

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