So…You clicked “About”, supposing you wanted to find out more about this site, me, or whatever.

I try not to take myself too seriously, so I am prone to post goofy pictures of myself.

My name is Blaize, if you haven’t guessed by the domain name. By day, I’m a computer programmer/tech guy. I’m not a specialist in any particular field, but I have dabbled in programming  everything from website to drivers, operating systems to business applications. I’ve been programming since I was 12 (I’m 3oish now). Back then, I had a mighty 286 with BASIC in DOS. My, how things have changed. Nowadays, I program using half a dozen languages on any given day, depending on the environment and application. I’m particularly fond of pHp (the language of WordPress), but because I work in a Microsoft world, I use Microsoft languages too.

By night, I’m a writer and photographer.  Well, at least I think I am. I’ve had an interest in photography and writing about as long as I’ve had an interest in programming. I took a photography class when I was 13, and was hooked. The only problem is that for a 13 year old , photography is expensive. I remember the first digital camera I used back then. My school bought a digital camera that did 320×240 and the camera would hold about 40 shots. I got my own first digital camera when I was in college. It was pound for pound about the same as the camera I used in junior high, but about a 10th of the price. I dabbled in digital photography some here, and started doing web development around the same time. I used my film camera for “real” photography until I got my first DSLR about 6 years ago.

I used to write  a tech blog, thinking I could generate content rapidly enough to keep up with biweekly, or even weekly posts, but the problem was not a desire to write, but a lack of fresh ideas on content. Most of what I was writing about was my latest dabbling in Linux, or how to fix a particular virus when there was a lack of knowledge on the internet on how to do so or things like that. Because of this, I decided to focus my blog on one of my other interests, photography. There does not seem to be a limit to the number of pictures I have gen out, so I seem to always have fresh content. If I don’t feel like writing, I can simply post a new shot of something interesting.

I would not consider myself a specialist in any particular area concerning photography. I have dabbled mostly in street photography, portraiture, landscapes, architecture and most recently astrophotography. But in any case, I hope to keep content here fresh!

Here a list of my photogear. Nothing special, I suppose.

*If you have any love in your heart, and want to help out a poor amateur photographer, you could do so by buying something on my wishlist… 😀